Using An Abdominal Belt To have a Washboard Gut

Modern abdominal muscle belts promise a set stomach without teaching. We analyzed and compared ems hip trainer for you. We answer questions like: What should you look for when buying? Which products and techniques is there? How does such a belt job? Which training program is suited to newbies? Our big stomach belt test offers you the answers.

smart abs muscle trainerThe technology – What’s EMS and TENS

The current abdominal muscle belts work with two different methods:

EMS – the electric lean muscle stimulation (or likewise: electromyostimulation) activates the musculature by means of electrical impulses. An electrode is normally applied right to the muscle. Most abdominal girdles utilize this strategy. EMS is well suited for training supplementation, muscle mass building and massage. Many gyms offer particular EMS training. Through the schooling, you wear a particular suit, via that your current pulses are forwarded. The exercises happen to be done while the impulse is arriving. This increases the normal contraction of the muscle tissues and thus the training effect.

TENS – Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation EMS works with electrical impulses that are transmitted to your body via an electrode. In TENS, it really is about the relief of pain and is so used mainly in the medical discipline. The impulses happen to be directed particularly with high regularity to the painful area and presently there they provide for a counter-irritation of the nerves. This substantially alleviates the soreness or completely eliminates it. TENS is also used to breakdown nerve blocks and acupuncture-like muscle mass stimulation.

The stomach belt – Advantages

One of the better arguments for a belly belt may be the time cost savings. The belt can be utilised eg while cooking food or at night in front of it. Of course, this is simply not possible with appropriate physical training.


saves a lot of time


can be used by the way

Tight and defined abdominal through electrical muscle stimulation

very good training supplement

The abs belt – That’s how it operates

Most abdominal belt work on the basic principle of Electrical Muscles Stimulation (EMS). The abdominal lean muscle belt produces barely perceptible electric impulses, which are transmitted via electrodes to the muscles areas to be stimulated. The damaged areas need not be actively transferred themselves.

During teaching or movements, nerve impulses activate the musculature, which contracts and so “activates”. This contraction of the muscle tissue makes movement likely to begin with and, with regular training, increases the size of the corresponding muscles.

In an electrical lean muscle stimulation (EMS) via an stomach belt, the muscles are not stimulated by nerve impulses of the brain, but by low stimulation current. This guarantees an all natural contraction and leisure of the muscle mass fibers, very similar to an belly training.

An active training cannot completely replace this method, but it can especially support it – especially during rest intervals. The EMS could make your muscle groups grow through standard use. As well, the basal metabolic rate (consumption of calories) is increased.

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